Michael Toriello

Data Analyst:

Passion for Developing Data-Driven, Full-Stack Applications

Hey, Welcome to my website!

My name is Michael Toriello, and I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer based in Jersey City, NJ eager to transition my talents towards exploiting the value of big-data through advanced analytics and visualizations. With 3 years of experience in the telecom industry as an engineer, I understand the importance of translating data into an insightful and interactive experience to uncover new opportunities.

I have top level talent building backend servers and scripting quantitative analysis in Python using libraries such as Pandas, Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, and sklearn. I'm fluent with the front-end development tools HTML + CSS + Javascript, using js libraries such as D3, jQuery, Leaflet, Plotly.js, and Highcharts.js. I also have project experience performing ETL on datasets into SQL/NoSQL stores, as well as dashboarding data findings on BI tools such as Tableau. However my strongest talent is quickly adapting to new frameworks or languages to effectively solve a problem at hand. Throughout my career, I have gone from zero-to-hero in areas such as Big-Data, Quantitative Analysis, APIs, ETL, Web Development, BI Tools, and most importantly Programming.

Please check out some of my latest work (including this page) in the following links:

Interactive Cluster Map of Global Terroristic Attacks from 1970-2017
The Artilyzer: A Visualization of your favorite musician's styles and attributes

I started my professional career out of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Having interned at Verizon Wireless in Tempe, AZ I decided to pursue a Network Engineering opportunity with Nokia. Throughout my 3 years as a Network Engineer I became a subject matter expert traveling to Verizon offices to leverage performance/simulation data and design antenna tower modification to impove the user experience.

As of mid 2017, I have decided to move forward with my career and explore more challenging and innovative territories. In my previous work, I developed a big fascination with big data and how that data is portrayed through the modern toolkit. I started self-teaching myself the basics of Python and building applications. Soon my fascination became my passion and I began gathering datasets though API calls and creating simple Machine Learning models.

I felt at this point I needed some proper guidance in Data Science and Software Engineering, and so I dedicated 6 months to join the Rutgers Data Science Bootcamp. This program is geared towards working professionals to gain the Data Science and Development skills needed to become a professional in big-data. Here is the curriculum for the course.

Since starting this course, I have spent numerous hours constructing passionate personal projects. As a project for class, I collaborated with a couple classmates to create a Interactive Cluster Map of Global Terroristic Attacks from 1970-2017. This project uses public government data to display markers with hover-text for every attack by year. We used the Python framework flask on the backend with front-end libraries D3.js, charts.js, and leaflet.js. We also used a MongoDB hosted by MLab to store and retrieve datasets.

On my own personal time, I have created The Artilyzer: A Visualization of your favorite musician's styles and attributes. I consider myself a music enthusiast, and I always appreciate when musicians are able to explore new sounds and different genres. My goal was to create a visual experience to describe how diverse an artist is using data from Spotify's Web API. My program allows a user to search for any artist, and it displays graphs depicting danceability, energy, valence (if music is happy/sad), and other attributes such as most common tempo, and key signature.

Thank you for taking an interest to learn about my career and recent work. I am always developing and am always happy to collaborate on new projects. Please feel free to contact me by email at mtoriello0725@gmail.com if you would like to get in touch.